Why do altcoins drop in value when Bitcoin does?

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7 months ago

I’ve noticed a trend when observing the cryptocurrency market. Whenever Bitcoin’s value drops, it seems like most altcoins drop in value as well. Do you know why? Often, the decrease is so simultaneous it makes me wonder whether there is a specific correlation between Bitcoin and altcoins that dictates this trend. How is the market so synchronized to the point that the majority of altcoins lose value almost at the same time Bitcoin does?

Is there an underlying economic principle that could explain this phenomenon? Is the cryptocurrency ecosystem so interconnected that a swing in Bitcoin’s price impacts the entirety of the market? This synchronicity can be troublesome for investors who’d like to hedge against Bitcoin’s volatility by diversifying their portfolio with other coins. I’d love to know your thoughts or if anyone has studied this in-depth.


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7 months ago

You’re right, Bitcoin’s price swings do have a significant impact on the rest of the cryptocurrency market. The main reason is that other cryptocurrencies, also known as altcoins, are often traded against Bitcoin rather than fiat currencies. This means when Bitcoin’s value decreases, the value of the altcoins paired with it does as well.

Another factor to consider is investor psychology. Bitcoin is currently the most established and well-known cryptocurrency, and as such, it’s often seen as a sentiment indicator for the whole crypto market. When Bitcoin drops, it can trigger a market-wide sell-off as people fear the worst.

Also, many consider Bitcoin as the ‘gold standard’ of cryptocurrencies, meaning it’s often the first contact point for newcomers. As the volume of Bitcoin trades increases, so does the capital flow into altcoins. When Bitcoin falls, potential investors may be scared off, leading to a decrease in capital flow and thus a decrease in altcoin prices. It can be a tricky market to navigate, no doubt about that.

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