Who are the best Twitter accounts to follow for altcoin news?

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7 months ago

Can we chat about which Twitter accounts are the best to follow for altcoin news? I’ve found that Twitter is one of the best sources for quick, up-to-the-minute updates on the crypto market, so I’m always looking for more accounts to follow. I’ve mainly been following twitter accounts that focus mainly on Bitcoin, so I need to branch out and find some that provide news on altcoins.

I’m particularly interested in those accounts that offer news, updates, analysis, and even forecasts about different altcoins. I want reliable, accurate information from people who actually understand the market, as it helps me make informed decisions about trading and investing. It’s kind of hard to sift through them as there are so many accounts claiming to be “crypto gurus.” So which accounts do you guys follow and recommend?


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7 months ago

I totally get what you mean. With the ocean of ‘crypto gurus’ on Twitter, it’s hard to know who to trust. I can definitely recommend a few who I’ve found to be particularly informative and reliable when it comes to altcoin news.

Firstly, @cryptobull is worth following, they cover a wide range of coins and provide insightful analysis. Then there’s @altcoinbuzzio – they’re great for rapid news updates, as well as @crypto_rand for neat graphical analyses and forecasts.

You might also want to check out @SatoshiLite – he’s the creator of Litecoin and even though he focuses on his own coin, he provides a lot of industry insight. Lastly, don’t forget @coinbureau. They offer thorough and unbiased reviews on various altcoins which could be useful for your investing and trading decisions. Give these a look, I think they could be quite helpful.

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