Which cryptocurrency do you think Coinbase will add to their platform next?

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7 months ago

Hey you all, I’ve been wondering which cryptocurrency Coinbase might add next. We all know that Coinbase is very selective and tends to only add cryptos that have already shown some significant promise and potential. This means we can be pretty confident that any new addition will be a substantial one.

But in this sea of cryptos, how do we predict which one they’ll choose next? It can’t just be about the current popularity or market cap of a cryptocurrency. Are they likely to prioritize coins that align more with their corporate philosophy, for example?

Perhaps there’s some clue in the types of coin they’ve added recently? Have they leaned more toward privacy coins, or are they more interested in smart contract platforms? Do we think they’re more likely to break new ground and add a coin from a category they’ve never touched before?

Finally, I think it might be helpful to discuss any recent rumors or speculations concerning Coinbase’s next potential move. Have you heard anything worth discussing? We all know that speculations can often influence the market in some way or another. But, it’s really important not to spread any unfounded rumors. So, please, only share reliable info. Let’s have a good and productive discussion!


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7 months ago

Predicting the next cryptocurrency to be added by Coinbase is tough since their decision process isn’t explicitly spelled out. However, we can speculate based on trends and their previously stated criteria, such as technology, community support, and regulatory considerations. Also, remember they adhere to an internal Digital Asset Framework outlining factors like security, utility and compliance. Lately, they’ve shown interest in DeFi tokens like Uniswap and Polygon, so something in that space may come up. But remember, it’s all conjecture as no official announcements have been made. Always do your own research and avoid the hype and rumors.

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7 months ago

Too right, predicting the next coin Coinbase will add is a bit of a wild guess. But to add a different perspective, consider also how Coinbase may choose tokens with significant real-world use cases. This is evident in their previous additions of coins like Chainlink and Tezos which are actively being used in the industry. Therefore, it might not just be about current popularity but also about the potential for future applications.

Concerning the rumors, I’d say take them with a grain of salt, as Isabella248 mentioned. Even though leaks and rumors can sometimes be legitimate, without verifiable sources they can just as often be a way for folks to manipulate the market. Remember the cardinal rule of investing: always conduct your own independent research.

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