Where can I report a problem I’m having with Binance?

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9 months ago

I’ve been having issues with Binance for a couple of days now. My problem consists in the withdrawal area. To be more precise, when I try to withdraw a certain cryptocurrency, the system does not allow me and a pop-up message is displayed saying “withdrawal suspended”. I’ve tried repeating the process severally but I’ve come out empty-handed. At first, I thought it was a network issue on my side but everything seems to be well functioning with my internet.

Has anyone else experienced this same issue? If so, do you know a dedicated support team or a place to report this problem so that it gets resolved? I’ve thought about the customer support but I don’t know if they handle such technical issues. I would appreciate your assistance in getting to the bottom of this problem. In the end, all I want is to be able to do my transactions without any inconvenience.


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9 months ago

You can definitely reach out to Binance’s customer support for this issue, despite it being technically-oriented. They have a dedicated team that deals with problems related to transactions and withdrawals. To report your issue, go to the Binance website or app, navigate to the “Support” section, then select “submit a request”. Fill out the provided form with as much detail as possible about your problem, including any relevant screenshots if you have them.

Another option is reaching out to Binance via social media. They’re quite active on platforms like Twitter and often address customer complaints there. Remember to never disclose sensitive personal information online, even in direct messages to official accounts. Keep in mind also that the “withdrawal suspended” message could be due to high network congestion on the particular blockchain you’re trying to withdraw from, in which case, waiting it out may be your best option.

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