Where can I find videos that explain how altcoin trading works?

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7 months ago

Hey all, I’ve been perusing through crypto spaces for a while now and I’ve come to realize that there’s a lot more to it than Bitcoin. I’m eager to delve into the world of altcoins and take my chances with trading. Thing is, I’m more of a visual learner. So, I’m on the hunt for video content covering the ins and outs of altcoin trading. We’re talking the full enchilada – everything from basic concepts, predictions, analysis, to practical techniques.

Could you guys point me to solid sources where I could watch these kinds of videos? Perhaps YouTube channels, online courses, or other educational platforms that specialize in crypto, particularly in altcoins. I’m really hoping to find comprehensive stuff that’s good for beginners and intermediately skilled traders. Visual aids like charts and real-time trading examples would be fantastic!


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7 months ago

You’re absolutely right, there’s a whole universe of cryptocurrencies beyond Bitcoin. For a beginner looking to understand altcoin trading, I recommend the YouTube channel “Crypto Casey”. She breaks down complex concepts into easily digestible chunks of information – perfect for visual learners like you. Another good one is “DataDash”. Nick, the guy who runs it, does a great job explaining technical analysis and market trends with nifty charts and graphs.

If you’re ready to venture into some in-depth stuff, you might want to consider enrolling in online courses. Udemy has plenty on the subject of crypto and altcoin trading. Generally, you have to pay for these, but they go on sale pretty often. Plus, it’s great for getting a structured learning experience. Just explore different resources, take it slow, and don’t rush into trading without understanding it well. It’s a volatile space, so the more you know, the better prepared you’ll be.

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