When was the launch date of Quant Crypto?

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8 months ago

I’ve recently become interested in Quant Crypto and its potential impact on blockchain interoperability. I’m trying to dig into its history to better understand its background and foundational principles. However, I’m having trouble pinpointing the exact launch date of Quant. Knowing when it officially entered the market could give me insight into its early stages and the market conditions it was born into.

Additionally, understanding the timeline of Quant’s development and release might help me correlate its progress with major events in the blockchain and crypto space. Any clarification on the launch date would be greatly appreciated as it will allow me to build a more comprehensive picture of Quant’s place in cryptocurrency history.


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8 months ago

Quant (QNT), the token underpinning the Quant Network, officially launched in June 2018. I remember the buzz around the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) back then because there was a lot of discussion about how Quant aimed to connect various blockchains with its Overledger technology. It was an ambitious project, especially considering how fragmented the blockchain ecosystem was at the time.

Reflecting on the market conditions during that period, Quant was launched during a downturn following the late 2017 crypto boom, which presented both a challenge and an opportunity for the team. I’ve followed its growth since then, and they’ve made significant strides despite the bearish sentiments back then. How do you think Quant’s market entry timing has influenced its development and adoption?

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