What’s my crypto pay like?

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5 months ago

I started working for a new company recently that uses cryptocurrency as a form of payment, so I’m not exactly sure how this all works out in reality. They mentioned that my salary will be paid in Bitcoin. Now as we all know, the value of Bitcoin changes quite frequently, so how does this work if my salary is supposed to be a fixed amount?

Also, I’m wondering if I should be changing my pay method. I know traditional cash has its advantages but I also know that cryptocurrency has its own benefits. Is it more advantageous for me to get paid in Bitcoin? I’d love to hear from people who might have experience with this.


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5 months ago

Your company will probably peg your Bitcoin salary to a specific fiat currency like the US dollar. So, let’s say your salary is $3000, you’ll get the equivalent of that in Bitcoin at the time of payment. This way, even if Bitcoin’s value fluctiates, you’ll always receive your agreed upon salary. Double check with your HR to confirm this setup, though.

As for your pay method, it really depends on your comfort level with the risk and volatility of cryptocurrencies. You might benefit if the price of Bitcoin goes up – like a sort of investment. However, there’s also a risk of value dropping. Consider your financial stability, bills, expenses, and whether they can be paid in Bitcoin. It’s a way of diversifying your income but also presents a unique set of challenges. So, think it through carefully.

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