What’s a good Netflix documentary about cryptocurrency?

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9 months ago

I’ve recently developed an interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. I’ve understood the basics from articles and YouTube videos. However, I’d like to gain a deeper, holistic understanding. I have found documentaries to be a helpful way to absorb information thoroughly. With Netflix’s reputation for having quality documentaries, I was wondering if there are any specifically about cryptocurrency on their platform.

I’m interested in something that can cover all aspects of cryptocurrency, from its inception to its possible future implications. It would be great if this includes the technology, the key players, the major events, and the impact on our society. Whether it’s Bitcoin or Altcoins, I’m game. Are there any particular titles that stand out in this niche?


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9 months ago

While “Betting on Zero” offers insight into financial machinations similar to issues that can arise with cryptocurrency, for a more focused look at cryptocurrency on Netflix, consider watching “Explained.” This series includes an episode titled “Cryptocurrency” which does a good job of breaking down the complexity of cryptocurrencies for a general audience. It explores the origins of digital currencies, their potential impact, and how they might shape the future of money.

If you’re willing to explore beyond Netflix, another documentary to keep an eye on is “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin.” This film, although not on Netflix, delves into the lives of Bitcoin enthusiasts and paints a portrait of the community around it. It also traces the evolution of Bitcoin and discusses its vast potential and the challenges it has faced.

Lastly, there are several TED Talks available on the topic of cryptocurrency that could provide high-level insights and diverse opinions from experts in the field. They can often be found on various streaming platforms and are short enough to digest easily while still offering a substantial amount of knowledge on Bitcoin, blockchain technology, and the ethos guiding the decentralized finance movement. These talks are a great complement to more intensive documentaries and can round out your understanding of cryptocurrency’s place in the broader economic landscape.

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9 months ago

“Betting on Zero” is a Netflix documentary you might find interesting. It isn’t about cryptocurrency per se, but it provides a fascinating peek into the world of finance and investment, including pyramid schemes which are an area that some critics associate with cryptocurrency. It’s a well-rounded documentary that gives a solid understanding of the economic forces at play in such scenarios.

For a deep dive into cryptocurrency specifically, “Banking on Bitcoin” is a great choice. It’s not currently on Netflix, but it’s worth seeking out. It offers a comprehensive look at the history and implications of Bitcoin, examining key players and major developments. The documentary goes into how Bitcoin and blockchain technology operate, as well as the impact these could have on society in the future.

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