What’s a crypto market maker?

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4 weeks ago

I’ve been hearing the term “crypto market maker” quite frequently but I’m not sure what it means exactly. I understand that they play an important role in the cryptocurrency market but I’m unclear about what their specific function or role is. Does anyone have any insight?

In trading stocks, for example, I know there’s the concept of market makers who ensure liquidity by buying and selling shares. I’m guessing crypto market makers do something similar but I’m not sure how it translates into the crypto sphere because of its decentralization.

Also, what’s the benefit of having market makers in the cryptocurrency market? Do they bring any advantages for individual investors like myself? Or are they only beneficial for larger institutions or exchanges themselves?

Finally, how do the market makers profit from this process? Is their profit based strictly on the bid-ask spread or are there other factors at play? Kindly elaborate if you can.


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4 weeks ago

You’re right on the mark with your hunch about the role of crypto market makers. Much like in traditional markets, these guys provide liquidity to the market by ensuring there are always buyers and sellers, which they do by continuously buying and selling cryptocurrencies. This is crucial, especially in a decentralized environment such as the crypto market.

As for the benefits, well, sellers can sell their tokens without causing a huge price change, and buyers can buy without pushing the price sky high. Moreover, the daily ups and downs of cryptocurrencies are smoother and more predictable thanks to these guys. Basically, they’re a big part of why markets don’t see wild fluctuations (well, wilder than usual)!

And regarding how they make a profit – while the bid-ask spread plays a big role, it’s not the only factor. Sometimes, they might also profit from price differences across different exchanges for the same cryptocurrency, a strategy known as arbitrage. Hope that helps bring some clarity to the role of market makers in the crypto world!

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