What language is used to code a blockchain?

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7 months ago

I’m a beginner in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world, and I’m intrigued about how blockchain technology is coded. I understand that blockchains are used to store different types of transaction data, like transfers of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. I also know that blockchains operate through a decentralized system, and each block is linked back to the preceding block, thus creating a form of ‘chain’. However, what I want to know more about is how this technology is developed; what kind of language is used to code these blockchains.

Additionally, I’ve heard that different cryptocurrencies might use different languages to code their respective blockchains. For example, Bitcoin’s blockchain is coded in one type of language while Ethereum’s is in another. Could someone explain the reason behind this? Also, if I wanted to venture into blockchain development, what language would you suggest I start learning? I have some basic coding knowledge in Python and Javascript.


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7 months ago

Various programming languages can be used to code blockchain technology, including Bitcoin’s primary language, C++. This language is known for its control over system resources and memory, making it an excellent choice for a system where such control is important. However, C++ is difficult to master and use effectively, often demanding a higher understanding of computer architecture.

Different cryptocurrencies use different programming languages due to specific strategic priorities or design goals. Ethereum, for instance, uses Solidity as it was created for Ethereum smart contracts. It’s high-level, resembling JavaScript, and specifically designed for developing smart contract applications on Ethereum’s blockchain. In contrast, Ripple’s protocols are mostly written in JavaScript, a high-level, easy-to-use language popular globally due to extensive community support and its application in web development.

Since you have a background in JavaScript, learning Solidity could be a logical next step if you’re interested in Ethereum’s blockchain or smart contracts. However, if you are more interested in systems control in traditional blockchain environments, brushing up your skills in C++ might be more beneficial. Knowledge of Python can be helpful too, as it’s widely used for blockchain projects because of its simplicity and flexibility. Remember, the choice of language depends mainly on the objective and the kind of blockchain technology you wish to explore.

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