What are the statistics for heroes in DeFi Kingdoms?

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7 months ago

I’ve gotten into DeFi Kingdoms recently, it’s a pretty intriguing game, but I’m having a bit of difficulty understanding the ins and outs of the game, specifically the heroes aspect. I’ve read up that heroes can be utilized for a bunch of stuff like quests and jobs to gather resources. However, each hero has different stats, right? Do the stats vary based on the rarity or are there other factors to consider?

Also, it’d be great to understand how the different statistics like strength, agility, and intelligence exactly impact the gameplay. How does it affect their combat performance or their efficiency in jobs and quests? Are these stats static or can they be improved over time? If anyone has some detailed insights about this, I’d appreciate some clarity. I guess a solid understanding of these aspects can really help to strategize and get the best out of gameplay.


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7 months ago

Absolutely, the heroes in DeFi Kingdoms indeed have different stats and they are significant when it comes to gameplay. These stats are based on both the hero’s class and rarity. For instance, a higher rarity hero generally possesses better stats which, in turn, improves their efficiency at tasks like quests and jobs.

In terms of how the different statistics impact gameplay, take Strength, Agility, and Intelligence for example, they can impact both combat and non-combat outcomes. For combat, depend on the hero class they can use one or two specific stats to determine their combat power, higher stats equal better combat performance. For jobs, some require high strength, others might need more agility or intelligence, so having heroes with high stats in these categories can make them more productive and efficient. Moreover, these stats are static at the start but can be improved later as the hero levels up by participating in quests/jobs.

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