What are game DApps?

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9 months ago

So, I’ve been hearing a lot about these things called game DApps lately, and I’m kind of confused about what they are. I understand that DApps are decentralized applications, but how does this concept apply to games? Are these like your typical video games (like Fortnite, PUBG) that are played on the blockchain or is it something entirely different?

I’ve heard that some of these game DApps have their own currencies which can be traded for other cryptocurrencies, and I’m curious about how this works. Is it like earning rewards in the game that can then be converted into these currencies? Or do I need to purchase them separately? Also, are there any advantages to playing game DApps compared to traditional video games?

And then, there’s the whole thing of decentralization. I hear this term thrown around a lot when talking about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but in terms of gaming, how exactly does this benefit players? Does it mean that players have more control over the game? Will this make the games more secure or less prone to hacking? Any clarity on these matters would be greatly appreciated!


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9 months ago

Game DApps, or decentralized applications, are a new type of video games that utilize blockchain technology. They’re more or less like your typical video games, but with some key differences. The main one being that the game’s data is stored on a decentralized network, meaning that no single entity has full control over the game. The decentralization aspect of these games can provide benefits such as enhanced security and resistance to hacking.

Now, regarding the currencies, many game DApps have their own cryptocurrencies that players can earn as rewards in the game. For instance, by completing certain tasks or missions, you might earn some of this currency, which you can then trade for other cryptocurrencies or even convert into real-world money. This can be a major attraction for some players, as it adds a financial incentive to the gaming experience.

In terms of advantages, one potential benefit of game DApps is that they can provide a more fair and transparent gaming experience. Because the game’s data is stored on the blockchain, it’s open to inspection by anyone, which means that the game’s rules and transactions are transparent and can’t be tampered with. This transparency can also allow players to truly own their in-game assets in a way that’s not possible with traditional video games. So, in a way, yes, players do have more control – at least when it comes to their assets and transactions.

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