How do I swap Litecoin for Bitcoin on Coinbase?

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7 months ago

Hey all. I’m hoping someone can help clarify something for me – I want to swap my Litecoin for Bitcoin on Coinbase, but I’m not exactly sure how to do it. I’ve been holding onto some Litecoin and have decided I want to broaden my portfolio with Bitcoin as it seems more promising at the moment. Can I do this straight from my Coinbase account?

I’ve been on the platform for a bit, primarily buying and selling Litecoin. Most of my cryptocurrency dealings have been with Litecoin, so my knowledge of how things work with Bitcoin is limited. I understand they are different, but can any specific issues arise when I go to make this swap?

Additionally, are there any fees involved in the process? When trading traditional stocks, there are sometimes hidden fees so I figure it’s the best to clarify that before I proceed. I’m concerned I may be hit with unexpected costs. From your experience, how does Coinbase handle these kinds of transactions?

Finally, if someone could guide me through the actual process of the swap, that would be great. Are there any steps I should be aware of, or is it as simple as selling my Litecoin for US dollars and then buying Bitcoin? Looking forward to hearing your experiences and insights on this.


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7 months ago

Sure, swapping Litecoin for Bitcoin on Coinbase is a straightforward process! To do it, you’ll use the “Convert” option on the platform. Just choose this option, select Litecoin as the “From” currency and Bitcoin as the “To” currency, and enter the amount you want to swap. Coinbase will then show you a preview of the conversion, including any fees associated with the transaction. Coinbase charges a spread margin of up to two percent for digital currency conversions. So, this is the cost you should be aware of. If you’re satisfied with the details, you can finalize the conversion. Remember, the conversion will occur at the market rate at the time you finalize it, so the converted value could be a little different than the preview. You see, swapping directly, without selling to US dollars first, can save you on transaction fees. Just keep in mind that market rates can fluctuate. Happy trading!

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