How can you filter to only see BTC pairs in TradingView?

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9 months ago

When using TradingView to analyze the cryptocurrency market, I’m interested in focusing solely on Bitcoin (BTC) trading pairs. To streamline my analysis, I need a way to filter the huge list of currency pairs so that only those paired with BTC are displayed. This would save time and allow me to concentrate on BTC market movements specifically.

I have noticed there’s an option to search for individual pairs or to filter by categories, but it’s not immediately clear if there’s a dedicated filter for BTC pairs alone. It would be great to know if there’s a feature or a specific method within TradingView that enables users to set such a filter.

Furthermore, if someone could guide me on whether this can be achieved directly on the TradingView platform or if it requires setting up a custom script or indicator, that would be immensely helpful. The ideal solution would be one that could be quickly and easily repeated whenever I log in to my TradingView account to check the latest on Bitcoin trading pairs.


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9 months ago

To see only BTC pairs in TradingView, start by accessing the ‘Markets’ section on the platform. Then, use the search bar at the top of the market overview page, and input ‘BTC’. This will generate a list of all trading pairs available on TradingView that include Bitcoin. To further refine this list to specific exchanges, you can prefix the exchange’s abbreviation before BTC. For example, typing ‘COINBASE:BTC’ will show you only the BTC pairs available on the Coinbase exchange.

If you frequently analyze BTC pairs, you may want to save your filters for easy access in the future. You can do this by using the watchlist feature. Once you have filtered for BTC pairs, click the ‘Watchlist’ button, and add the pairs you are interested in. By doing this, you’ll create a customized list of BTC pairs that you can quickly refer to each time you log in. Remember to periodically update your watchlist to include new BTC pairs or remove those no longer relevant to keep your analysis up-to-date.

Although TradingView does not provide a one-click feature specifically for filtering BTC pairs, the combination of using the search function with a personalized watchlist offers a practical solution. Adding a custom script or indicator is not necessary for this task unless you’re looking for more advanced filtering or alerting options based on specific trading criteria. Remember, for broader BTC pair analyses, adjust your search and watchlist settings according to the markets or exchanges that are most relevant to your trading strategy.

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