How can you apply Bollinger Bands overlay on Binance?

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8 months ago

Hey, fellow crypto enthusiasts. I’ve been exploring the different trading tools available recently and decided to dive deeper into Bollinger Bands. I’ve heard that these can be a great indicator for volatility and potential price levels. I’m using Binance for my trading. Can anyone guide me on how to apply Bollinger Bands overlay on the Binance interface?

Just to specify, I’ve already familiarized myself with the basic structure of Binance. However, I’m struggling with finding the specific option to enable the Bollinger Bands for my data analysis. It’s not about how Bollinger Bands work. I got that part down. It’s about navigating through the Binance system. I wonder if it’s in the chart settings or elsewhere.


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8 months ago

Sure, I’d be happy to guide you. First off, you’re correct, Bollinger Bands can be a helpful tool when you’re trying to identify price volatility and potential price levels. To add Bollinger Bands to your chart on Binance, navigate to the ‘Advanced Trading’ section. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll find a tab for ‘Technical Indicator’.

Click on this ‘Technical Indicator’ tab and a dropdown menu will open containing a list of many different indicators. Among these indicators, you’ll find Bollinger Bands. Simply click on it and you’re set. The Bollinger Bands will automatically appear on your chart to help you analyze your data. Just remember, the use of this tool should ideally complement your existing trading strategy, not replace it. Happy trading!

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