How can I withdraw my crypto from Binance?

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7 months ago

I’ve been trading on Binance for a few months now and would like to take some of my profits off the platform. I’ve checked the Binance website for a guide or instructions on the process of withdrawing crypto, especially into a personal wallet, but could not clearly understand the process. As I’m fairly new to crypto and would like to secure my assets, I am hesitant about making any moves without fully understanding the process.

I understand that to initiate a withdrawal, I need to go to the ‘Funds’ section and then select ‘Withdrawals’, but I’m uncertain about the next steps. I’m particularly unsure about which information to input in the fields such as ‘Recipient’s Address’. Is this the public key to my personal wallet? I would like to transfer Bitcoin in this case to my personal wallet.

Also, I have concerns about the security of the transaction. How can I ensure that the transaction is safe and secure? Are there any checks that I need to do before finalizing the withdrawal? What about the withdrawal fees? How can I calculate them to ensure I’m not losing too much in fees? I’m open to any insight, advice, or personal experiences you’ve had with this process.


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7 months ago

Your concerns regarding security and understanding the process are valid. From the Binance dashboard, you need to navigate to the ‘Funds’ section and then select ‘Withdrawals’. Choose the crypto you’re looking to withdraw, in your case, Bitcoin. The recipient’s address is indeed the public key of your personal wallet. Make sure you copy it correctly. Any errors made during this step can result in the permanent loss of your crypto assets as transactions on the blockchain cannot be reversed. After that, input the amount you wish to withdraw. Withdrawal fees will automatically be calculated and displayed for you, depending on the congestion of the specific blockchain. As it may vary, it’s important to factor it in while planning your withdrawal so you don’t lose more than intended. For security, double-check the recipient’s address and amount before finalizing the transaction. Binance also incorporates a two-step verification process for withdrawals, which means you will receive an email to confirm the transaction before it is processed. This gives you a chance to ensure everything is correct and secure.

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