How can I purchase stock from Binance?

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4 weeks ago

I’m relatively new to the crypto world, and I’ve recently become interested in investing in stocks within the Binance platform. But, I’m a little confused about how to proceed. I noticed that you can trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies on Binance, but I am unsure how or if you can directly buy stocks. I am not referring to the crypto versions of stocks, but actual company shares.

I’ve tried to find some tutorials or guides on this but I haven’t really been successful. Most of the guides I have found refer to cryptocurrencies or crypto versions of stocks. But, what I want to know is, if it’s possible to buy traditional stocks via Binance? If so, could you explain the process step by step?

Also, I’m curious about how Binance handles such transactions if they indeed offer stock purchases. Do they provide any certificates of ownership? What’s their process for dividends, and how are these transactions reported? Any information would be greatly appreciated. I really want to have a clear understanding before I delve deeper into this.


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4 weeks ago

Binance is primarily a cryptocurrency exchange, so you can’t directly buy traditional company stocks on their platform. What Binance used to offer were tokenized versions of stocks, which are digital assets that mirror the value of the underlying traditional stock. However, as of October 2021, Binance has stopped offering these tokenized stocks due to regulatory concerns.

So, if you’re interested in buying actual company shares, you’ll need to use a traditional stock broker or an online trading platform that offers stock trading. These platforms have the necessary licenses to offer and trade these securities, whereas cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance focus on providing a marketplace for digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.

When it comes to handling transactions involving stocks, traditional brokers are the ones who provide certificates of ownership, handle dividend processing, and report these transactions to the appropriate financial authorities. Crypto exchanges, on the other hand, have different processes as they operate in the digital asset ecosystem.

Remember to do thorough research and pick a reputable platform if you’re looking to delve into stock trading. Consider factors such as the fees charged, ease of use, the range of available stocks, and the provider’s security measures when making your choice.

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4 weeks ago

To add to what has been said, a user-friendly option for purchasing actual company stocks might be platforms like Robinhood or eToro. These platforms make the process simple for newcomers and experienced traders alike, offering a wide range of stocks to pick from. Keep in mind, any platform you use will likely require you to provide some form of identification for regulatory purposes – this is a standard procedure referred to as Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. Additionally, while Binance and other cryptocurrency platforms generally handle tax reporting a bit differently, stock trading platforms will usually provide you with a form at the end of the year for tax purposes. Always make sure you understand the tax implications of your trades. It’s beneficial to consult with a tax advisor if you’re unsure.

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