How can I link my MetaMask to Binance?

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7 months ago

I’ve been doing some research and came across the possibility of connecting MetaMask to Binance. If I understood it correctly, the purpose of this is to transfer crypto assets directly from MetaMask to Binance, or vice versa. However, I’m a bit uncertain about how to go about this right. I have both a MetaMask and Binance account, and I have familiarized myself with the basics of both platforms. Yet, I still can’t figure out how to link the two together.

I’ve got some Ethereum on my MetaMask wallet that I’d like to transfer over to Binance, and I’m not sure what steps need to be taken. I read somewhere about needing the Binance Smart Chain, but I don’t really know how to configure MetaMask to this chain. Details on how to connect MetaMask to the Binance Smart Chain would be appreciated.

Also, after configuring MetaMask for Binance Smart Chain, how can I then connect MetaMask to Binance? Do I need some sort of special bridge between the two? And once connected, how do I transfer assets from one platform to the other? Will there be substantial fees involved in the process? I’m trying to avoid any unnecessary costs. Your expertise and any tutorials or step-by-step guides you know of would really help me.


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7 months ago

Sure, let’s get you started on linking your MetaMask wallet to Binance. Firstly, you’ll need to configure MetaMask to use Binance Smart Chain. To do this, click on the MetaMask extension on your browser and select ‘Settings’. Then, select ‘Networks’ and click on ‘Add Network’. You’ll then need to enter the network information for Binance Smart Chain. The network name is ‘Smart Chain’, New RPC URL is ‘’, chain ID is ’56’, currency symbol is ‘BNB’ and block explorer URL is ‘’. Once you’ve entered all the information, click ‘Save’. Your MetaMask is now configured for Binance Smart Chain.

To transfer your Ethereum from MetaMask to Binance, you need to first convert your Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain assets. You can use a bridge service like Binance Bridge for this. Once you’ve converted your Ethereum, you can send them from MetaMask to your Binance account by using your Binance account’s receiving address. Navigate to MetaMask, click ‘Send’, paste your Binance wallet’s receiving address, and enter the amount you want to send. Please be aware that there may be some transaction costs involved in the process. Be sure to double-check all transaction details to avoid unnecessary losses.

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