How can I access my NFTs?

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7 months ago

Hey, so here’s the deal. I’ve recently bought a few NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) on an online platform. However, I seem to be having trouble accessing them. I thought that once you purchase an NFT, it would automatically show up in my crypto wallet, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I’m using MetaMask as my crypto wallet and OpenSea as the platform where I purchased my NFTs. I did make sure that both are linked, but still, I see no trace of my NFTs on MetaMask. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if there’s an additional step I have to take to view them there.

Or is it that NFTs don’t show in the wallet like generally cryptocurrencies do and they remain on the platform you bought them from? I checked my OpenSea account and I can find them there but how do I know they are really mine and not just on display for me? Is there any way to confirm if the NFT is really transferred to me?

And lastly, what if I want to sell my NFT? Can I do that directly from my MetaMask wallet, or do I have to do it through the OpenSea platform? Can someone guide me through this process?


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7 months ago

It sounds like you’re trying the right steps but missing out on a small detail. MetaMask doesn’t automatically display NFTs like it does with cryptocurrencies. To view your NFTs in MetaMask, you need to visit the ‘Assets’ tab and add the NFTs as a custom token, either manually or through a token list.

When it comes to confirming if an NFT is really yours, there are a few ways to do this. Firstly, you could check the transaction history in MetaMask. Each trade transaction records the smart contract address, the NFT’s token ID, and the associated Ethereum address. If the Ethereum address matches yours, it’s proof the NFT is yours. Also, the fact that you can see them in your OpenSea account is enough proof that they belong to you. OpenSea only displays NFTs associated with the connected wallet.

For selling your NFTs, you’ll need to go through the platform you purchased it from, in this case, OpenSea. MetaMask is primarily a wallet for storing and managing your assets, so selling directly from MetaMask isn’t really possible. In OpenSea, you should find an option to sell your NFT in the item details page. You can set a price and list it for sale. Other users can then purchase it directly from OpenSea.

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