Hey, do you know which type of cryptocurrency will offer you free “Gas” coins?

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9 months ago

I’m trying to get a deeper understanding of how gas fees function within the scope of specific cryptocurrencies. It’s my understanding that there are some cryptocurrencies which reward holders with additional coins, often referred to as “Gas.” I’m interested in knowing more about which cryptos do this and how it typically works.

As far as I understand, these “Gas” coins are kind of like a bonus which can cover the transaction costs within the blockchain network. They’re usually awarded automatically to your wallet, correct? I guess my main question is: are there particular types of cryptocurrencies known to give this “Gas” as a reward to their holders?

If there are, do these benefits apply across all platforms or are they specific to just one or two? Does the amount of “Gas” you get depend on the number of original coins you’re holding, or is there another way it’s determined? I really want to leverage Gas coins to make my crypto investments more cost-effective, but I’m not sure where to start. Any information to guide me in the right direction would be much appreciated.


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9 months ago

You’ve got it right. Gas coins are indeed rewards given to certain cryptocurrency holders, and these can be used to cover transaction fees within that specific blockchain network. Neo is a well-known crypto that gives Gas as a staking reward to its holders. In Neo’s case, you receive Gas proportional to the amount of Neo you are holding.

However, do note that the rules vary across different cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks. Not every cryptocurrency provides Gas as rewards and the ones that do, may use different methods to determine how much Gas is awarded. It usually depends on factors like the amount of coins you hold, the duration you hold them, and other specific parameters of each blockchain network. Always dive into a crypto’s specifics before investing, to make sure you’re making the right choice for your needs. This will enable you to better leverage Gas coins and make your crypto investments more cost-effective.

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9 months ago

Great question. To expand on what meditate827 said, you probably want to look into staking. Essentially, by staking your crypto, you’re supporting network operations like validating transactions, and in return, you get a chance to receive additional tokens or “Gas.” Apart from Neo, coins like VeChain (VTHO) also reward “Gas” to holders. The setup of “Gas” rewards largely depends on the model adopted by the specific cryptocurrency. Some cryptos require you to hold tokens in a certain wallet, others may need you to stake them in a smart contract. So it’s crucial you dig deep into the specifics of each crypto’s model. Make sure you’re up to date with the trends and always be on the lookout for changes in these rewards systems, it’s a fast-moving world after all!

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