Does Coinbase support DApps?

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7 months ago

Hey everyone, I could use some insight on a topic that’s been baffling me for a while. Does Coinbase, the renowned crypto platform, support DApps or Decentralized Applications? I came across this term quite recently and am curious to know if Coinbase supports it.

DApps are decentralized applications that use blockchain technology. I am excited about the potential benefits they offer, like being open-source, decentralized, incentivized, and protocol-based. What’s not clear to me is if we can run these DApps on platforms like Coinbase.

Given Coinbase’s reputation as one of the leading cryptocurrency platforms, it would seem logical for it to support DApps. But comprehensive searches often lead to a rabbit hole of contradictory information. So, can anyone clear up this confusion? Has anyone had any experience with using DApps on Coinbase?


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7 months ago

Yes, you’re absolutely right about the benefits of DApps. They certainly offer a lot of exciting possibilities. Interestingly, Coinbase does offer a connection to DApps, but not directly on their main platform.

They have another platform called Coinbase Wallet, which is different from the Coinbase app where you buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Coinbase Wallet is an app where you can store your digital assets, but it also allows you to interact with DApps. So, if you’re interested in using DApps, you should check out Coinbase Wallet.

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