Can you provide an explanation of what OpenSea cryptocurrency is?

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7 months ago

I’m a bit confused about OpenSea as I’ve heard it referred to alongside cryptocurrencies but I think it’s different. My understanding is that it’s a platform related to crypto, but I’m not sure how it actually works or what it specifically does. Does it have its own cryptocurrency or is it used for trading other types of crypto assets?

From discussions online, it seems like OpenSea has something to do with non-fungible tokens or NFTs. People seem to be using it to buy and sell digital collectibles and art. If OpenSea is primarily for NFTs, I’d like to know if it operates using its own form of currency or if it uses established cryptocurrencies like Ethereum for transactions. I’m trying to grasp whether OpenSea itself is a type of currency or just a marketplace.

Finally, if OpenSea is a marketplace, how does it interact with blockchain technology in general? I’m curious if transactions on OpenSea are recorded in a blockchain and how that affects the ownership and transfer of NFTs. I would like to understand if there’s a specific blockchain associated with OpenSea, or if it’s compatible with multiple blockchains. Overall, I want to clear up the connection between OpenSea and the wider cryptocurrency ecosystem.


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7 months ago

You’re right, OpenSea isn’t a cryptocurrency but a marketplace, more specifically an NFT marketplace. It doesn’t have its own currency and mainly operates using Ethereum for transactions. As a marketplace, OpenSea helps users buy, sell, or trade NFTs such as digital art or collectibles. Just as you guessed, every transaction on OpenSea is indeed recorded on a blockchain. In this case, it’s the Ethereum blockchain, as it’s currently the standard for NFTs. This ensures the secured ownership and transfer of these digital assets. So yes, OpenSea is integrated into the broader crypto ecosystem, but it simply provides a platform for NFT transactions rather than being a form of currency itself. Now, are you intending to collect any specific types of NFTs or just exploring the field currently?

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