Can you provide a brief explanation of what Crypto Zoo is?

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7 months ago

I’ve been looking into various types of crypto games and I came across one called Crypto Zoo. I read that it has something to do with breeding and collecting digital animals which are represented as NFTs. However, I didn’t exactly understand how it works. Are these animals just images or do they have any functionality within the game?

I’m also interested in how the economics of the game work. Like how does the buying and selling of these digital animals take place? I’ve heard about ‘Zoo tokens’ being involved in this process but didn’t quite get their purpose. And how does one earn money, if at all, via this game?

I’d really appreciate if someone could break down the basics of this game for me. I’ve always been fascinated with NFTs and blockchain based games, so this game looks interesting to me, but I want to ensure that I fully understand its mechanics before I dive into it.


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7 months ago

Crypto Zoo is indeed a crypto game involving breeding and collecting digital animals, referred to as NFT-based Zoos. In the game, the digital animals are more than just images, they can be bred to create new, unique animals, giving an exciting aspect to it. As for the economics, it mainly revolves around ‘Zoo tokens’. You buy these digital animals using Zoo tokens, and when you sell them, you receive Zoo tokens. Furthermore, as the game progresses and demand for unique animals increases, so does the value of the animals and the Zoo tokens you hold. However, keep in mind that like any crypto-related venture, it’s speculative and has its risks. Would you say you’re more interested in the gaming elements or the potential investment aspect?

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