Can you list down all the crypto exchanges available for the US?

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7 months ago

I started trading crypto in the US a few months ago and I’ve been using a few popular exchanges but I am wondering if there are other options I might be missing out on. While I am aware of some like Coinbase, Binance US, and Kraken – I want to ensure that I know of all available options. Specifically, I am looking for exchanges that accept US customers, comply with US regulations, and allow the trading of multiple cryptocurrencies, not just Bitcoin.

Also, exchange reliability, security, fees, and overall user experience are factors that are important to me, so any insights into these aspects would be greatly appreciated. So far, I’ve had mixed experiences with customer support on these platforms and I am keen on finding an exchange that takes customer service seriously. Also, if there are exchanges that are particularly good for beginners or offer unique features like educational resources or advanced trading features, I’d be interested in learning about those as well.


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7 months ago

In addition to Coinbase, Binance US, and Kraken that you are already aware of, there are other reputable crypto exchanges that you might consider. Gemini, for example, was established by the Winklevoss twins and is strictly regulated, making it a very safe platform. It is known for its strong user experience, reliability, and high-end security measures. Bitstamp is another platform that’s popular for its reliability, easy to use interface and wide range of cryptocurrencies. eToro is unique because it offers social trading features, where you can follow and mimic the trading strategies of top traders. It is also beginner-friendly since it provides an array of educational resources. While customer service varies across exchanges, I’ve found that Gemini has an approachable and responsive customer support team. While considering these options, always remember to look into fee structures and any hidden charges. What’s your strategy for researching and selecting a new exchange?

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