Can you explain what the Odysee crypto is?

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7 months ago

Hey all, I’ve got a query about the Odysee crypto – anyone here with a good grasp on this? I’ve been searching online and see plenty of descriptions and basic info, but still finding it difficult to fully comprehend how it works and what it actually does.

When I look into Odysee crypto, I keep coming across words like content sharing and LBRY coins. So, I’m curious, what is the relationship between Odysee and LBRY? Are these two separate things or is this a more comprehensive eco-system that allows people to share content?

Furthermore, I’m interested to know about the practical aspect of using Odysee. For any users who have actually started utilizing it, how has your experience been? Have you found any tangible advantages of using Odysee as compared to other content sharing platforms?

Last but not least, what exactly are the uses of Odysee crypto? I understand it has something to do with digital rights and content sharing. But besides that, what are the possibilities with Odysee? Excited to hear your inputs on this! Please respond as if you were explaining it to a five year old, as I’m fresher than fresh on the topic.


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7 months ago

Odysee crypto is based on LBRY, a blockchain-based protocol for distributing and managing digital content. Imagine it like YouTube but without the central control. On Odysee, creators can post their content and viewers can view this content. It’s all in the same eco-system.

When people view or interact with content, they can tip the creator with LBRY credits, which is a type of cryptocurrency. This turns into a real-world incentive for creating good content. The whole thing is also decentralized, so there’s no controlling body to censor or decide what content should be. A key advantage there over traditional platforms!

Odysee has many uses. It allows content creators to earn crypto for their work, plus they have full control over their content, royalties, and distribution. It’s cutting-edge stuff that’s shaking up how we think about sharing and consuming digital content.

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