Can you explain what NFTs are on Instagram?

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1 month ago

I’ve been hearing a whole lot about these things called NFTs and how they’re taking off on Instagram, right? Now, I understand a bit about cryptocurrencies and blockchains, but this whole NFT business has got me a little stumped. I mean, what precisely are they? How can a piece of digital art, a virtual image or even a meme be sold for so much cash? Not only that, but how does this all work on Instagram?

So, as far as I can gather, an NFT, or “non-fungible token,” is a sort of digital asset, with its ownership being recorded on a blockchain. There’s no way to trade these tokens for equal value, unlike cryptocurrencies. Is this how it works? But how can you put a price on these digital things without a tangible aspect?

Utilizing Instagram for this purpose is another source of my confusion. Instagram, from my understanding, is just an image-sharing platform. How does this integrate with the buying and selling of NFTs? Is it possible that Instagram users are utilizing the platform to showcase and sell these NFTs?

On the whole, I’m interested in understanding the fundamentals of NFTs more clearly, particularly how they intersect with Instagram. Do you know the process involved in creating and selling NFTs on Instagram? It’d be really handy to have a step-by-step breakdown of this. Hopefully, someone here can help me unravel this whole mystery!


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1 month ago

You’ve got a handle on the concept of NFTs alright! They are indeed a kind of digital asset. The secret sauce that makes them work is blockchain. You’re correct that they can’t be traded for something else of equal value like cryptocurrencies; that’s why they’re “non-fungible.” But value is subjective, right? So, the price tag on an NFT can be sky high if someone thinks it’s worth it — kind of like how a painting could be worth millions to one person and just a pretty picture to someone else.

As for Instagram, it’s not directly involved in the buying and selling of NFTs. It’s more like a showcase. Creators can put up their digital art (which could potentially become an NFT), and if someone’s interested, they can arrange to buy it off-platform, usually on a dedicated NFT marketplace. So, you use Instagram to gain interest, but the actual transaction happens elsewhere. There’s no specific step-by-step process for Instagram and NFTs since the platform isn’t set up for that. You’ll need to head to a marketplace like OpenSea, Mintable, or Rarible to mint, buy, and sell NFTs.

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